What To Do
At the Pharmacy
Questions about how to use HSARx? Having challenges at the pharmacy? This page is dedicated to helping you navigate your experience with HSARx.
Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy

When it's time to pick up your script:


Show your HSARx I.D. card at the pharmacy

Your HSARx I.D. Card is available for download in your HSARx Dashboard and can be sent as an email or text message. Once you arrive at the pharmacy, show the pharmacist or pharmacy tech your HSARx I.D. Card featuring your unique HSARx I.D. number.

Download Card
Illustration of woman in a dress at the pharmacy showing a pharmacist her HSARx card

Confirm that your pharmacist is billing HSARx

HSARx is not insurance - and can’t be combined with insurance or any other prescription drug discount programs. Once your script has been confirmed at the pharmacy and you’ve shown your HSARx I.D. Card, confirm that your pharmacist has processed your payment with HSARx.

Your prescription should very rarely cost more than $0 at the pharmacy. If your pharmacist asks you for a copay, please call us directly at 1-888-472-7912

A silly graphic with oversized props involving a woman holding a giant magnifying glass and standing behind a pool-sized phone that is spitting out a curtain-sized HSARx receipt. A man holding a tablet is walking up to the phone. There are also a giant pencil and giant gold coins laying around.

Leave the pharmacy with your script in-hand

HSARx is the easiest way to check out at the pharmacy. Once you’ve confirmed HSARx as your discount and payment method with the pharmacy – you’re all set! No additional coupons or payment methods will be necessary.

A tall navy blue shopping bag with a green cross and the word PHARMACY underneath. It is surrounded by a variety of medications.

Having trouble at the pharmacy?

If you’re having trouble checking out with your HSARx I.D. Card, call us directly at 1-888-472-7912. You can also reach us via our live-chat tool by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower-right hand portion of your screen.